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Develop your skills with CFC Group

Our public training sessions provide you with an incomparable range of training topics in English and French. They are ideal if you want to train one or a few people in your organization.

Public training sessions provide the advantage of developing yourself among peers from different industries and finding out how your learning partners do things. The strength of our public training sessions lies in our action-based approach. In our opinion, skills development is an active, participatory, interactive process that encourages you to immediately apply the concepts you have been taught. Our facilitators guide you through scenarios, real-life cases and experiences that make learning activities rewarding and powerful.

Finally, because the learning environment is important to us, we take great care in selecting training sites that promote development, paying special attention to the location and service quality.

Have a look at the training sessions we have to offer and register now or contact us for additional details.

Playing to Your Strengths and Amping up Teamwork (for employees)

In this one-day course, you will learn about your personal strengths as a team member and the relationship style you use with your teammates. You will also learn how to make yourself accountable and pitch in to contribute to efficient teamwork. Purpose To improve your ability to relate to various types of personalities using a proven model and overcome communication…

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Reinforcing your advisory role

You have been asked to serve as an advisor and you don’t know where to begin: when to be an expert and when to be a facilitator. Excelling in this role demands a clear understanding of what is expected of you and the capacity to create a trusting relationship with the client. To achieve this, we propose a six-step approach…

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Emotional intelligence at the workplace

In an economic context where we have to do more with less, businesses benefit from employees with emotional intelligence: they adapt to change more quickly, work better in teams, communicate appropriately and more. These are serious assets for any organization. In this course, you will learn how managing emotions allows you to have more impact and influence, encourage consensus and…

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Playing to Your Strengths and Amping up Teamwork (for managers)

This course helps managers assess their personal strengths as the leader of a team and adjust their approach based on fundamental needs and individual differences. An essential course in an era where diversity is celebrated, underscored and a daily reality. Purpose To improve your ability to relate to various types of personalities using a proven model and overcome communication blind…

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Agile Handling of Change

Every day as a leader, you must face it, adjust to it and quickly determine how to capitalize on opportunities that arise. You must also reflect on your own agile “stance”, and interpersonal skills, and adapt when necessary, as well as determine when and how to step into action (acting instead of reacting). While focusing on your own real change…

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The Art of Communication: How to Create Impact On People

We are constantly communicating, whether to inform, pass on decisions, influence, encourage action, sell an idea, share a vision or build bonds. Since communication is a strategic issue in organizations, we can’t avoid it: we have to speak in public. With 75% practical exercises, this course will help you become a communicator who makes an impact.

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Managing your time like a pro

Do you feel you have too many tasks and projects for the time and resources available? Are you constantly being interrupted, so you can never stick to your work plan? Using a self-evaluation and a personal report, you can assess your sense of organization and determine which proven tools to use to manage your work hours sensibly and effectively. Purpose…

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Helping Your Employees Achieve Their Goals : Continuous Performance Evaluation

This course will help you improve your capacity to create ongoing dialogue related to performance evaluation and establish action plans that will allow you to foster lasting engagement.So that individual efforts contribute to organizational results. Purpose Give meaning to performance management to achieve organizational results and engage individuals. Purpose Give meaning to performance management to achieve organizational results and engage…

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Preventing and Resolving Conflicts

Whether or not your conflicts are avoidable, our conflict prevention and resolution tools support you when you have to tackle problems before the consequences become disastrous. Requests from our clients for tools to manage conflict inspired us to design this very in-depth training course. Our intervention method allows you to tactfully avoid escalation and then focus on the positive to…

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From Colleague to Boss

It’s a done deal: you got the promotion you have been dreaming of. How can you develop a clear vision of the challenges demanded by this kind of transition? How can you quickly and efficiently position yourself without sacrificing the relational side of your duties? This two-day course gives you the keys to a smooth transition. Purpose Transition to a…

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Enhancing management skills

The strength of an organization relies, to a great extent, on the quality of its managers. This course allows them to combine the various facets of their role: building a supervisory relationship, instilling a sense of teamwork and helping each person excel, all while achieving the expected results. Purpose To integrate the various facets of your role as a manager…

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