The CFC experience

Humans are at the heart of our corporate mission. We work to develop and shape the leaders and teams of the future: human, authentic, brave, influential, productive, creative. We use our know-how to help you with your current managerial challenges and drive you to build more flexible companies that are adapted to future trends.

What drives us

Applying the same energy and passion for more than 50 years, the CFC team comes together with one vision in mind: to be the preferred firm for major Québec and Canadian organizations and SMEs in terms of management, leadership and human resources. Inspired by the development of organizations and the human behaviours seen in companies, we have a thirst for knowledge, development and innovation.

At CFC, we build on the energy that emerges from our assignments with you: your unique realities + our ideas + your courage + our desire to always do better.

What drives our teams strength

CFC Group combines its strengths and expertise to those of preferred partners in order to bring you a highly complementary skills development approach platform.

We choose to team up with:

  • Versalys, with more than 35 years in IT and office automation training
  • Documens, enabling us to offer high-quality bilingual contents for all of our products.

In combining our strengths, we allow our teams to collaborate, create and draw inspiration from various expertise and offer you the most comprehensive service on the market.

How we stand out

To create meaning, develop full potentials and evolve in the current environment, we have what you need based on your organization’s unique context: training, coaching, consulting service, courses, hybrid formulas, collaborative-approach workshops, e-learning, new learning platforms.

CFC Group has all the development tools at your disposal. We are the vector of knowledge and performance for your company, directors, managers and employees.

What guides us

  • Offering interventions adapted to and in line with your needs and reality.
  • Being aware of innovative development trends, integrating them to our training courses and increasing their impact.
  • Creating hybrid products and interventions that combine more traditional methods, technologies and emerging approaches in people and organizational development.
  • Promoting all expressions and forms of coaching.
  • Measuring the impact of our interventions to show their value.