Our coaching services are intended for seasoned directors, as well as teams or managers in development. This professional support process is based on an in-depth methodology that is compliant with the practices sanctioned by international organizations such as the International Coach Federation. At CFC Group, the coach becomes a catalyst for generating results, helping everyone explore and reach their full potential.

Our certified coaches offer various forms of support and a range of services designed to help you reach your goals.

Our services

This type of coaching is intended for high-level managers and directors. Targeting the strategic and systemic aspect of the management role, executive coaching promotes open and genuine reflexion exercises and the emergence of concrete, achievable solutions.

Targeting middle managers, management coaching helps them to realign and improve their management approach, truly challenge themselves to achieve greater flexibility, openness and sensitivity, allowing them to optimize their teams’ functions and effectively rally their staff.

Career reorientation, questioning, transition or decision leading to a significant change: these are various paths and reflection avenues for which consulting is important. Thanks to its seasoned career coaches, CFC Group puts all chances on your side and helps you make better decisions.

Experts estimate that the first 90 to 100 days in a senior management role are defining for the senior manager entering a new role. A coach can help you successfully integrate a new company or a new role in your current company, helping your gain a better understanding of the environment and organizational context you are now entering.

Essentially focused on harmony between team members, this type of coaching will help you find winning solutions to optimize everyone’s skills and talents and implement a management approach in which all can be fulfilled and valued and grow professionally.

Halfway between individual and team coaching, group coaching focuses on exchanging exemplary practices and finding solutions—several heads are better than one. Group coaching is conducive to the implementation of a more effective team management approach.

CFC Group’s team of qualified coaches will support you and offer the help needed to develop your mission, an implementation strategy and a concrete and realistic strategic vision. A real must to successfully launch a company and ensure perfect cohesion between the contractor, director and managers.