Organizations are perpetually changing at an increasing pace. In this context, you are seeking performance levers that will offer the best results and allow you to be more agile based on your organization’s evolution.

Our team of advisors will provide an outsider’s look to help you grow your organization’s capacities. Always personalized and targeting concrete results, our consulting services support you in your organizational changes in the following areas and more:

Team consolidation workshop, team dynamics improvement intervention, analysis of strengths and areas for improvement, work environment diagnosis, civility intervention, harassment investigation, etc.

Full development of individual performance management programs, work efficiency diagnosis, performance management analysis, development of annual or continuous performance assessment program, performance procedure, etc.

Strategic planning support, reflection workshop for management teams, field diagnosis, SWOT analysis, identification of key strategic analysis factors, formulating strategies, participative implementation process, etc.

Support related to the human impacts of change, diagnosis, impact and needs analysis, stakeholder adhesion process, corporate support targeting co-responsibility, specific consulting service for management teams, mass workshop, etc.

Talent identification support or development, development and retention programs, service for aligning programs to the organization’s strategic vision, integration of succession management programs with global human resources strategies, development of skills profiles in relation to recruitment, etc.

Support developing a skills development practice, implementing a training department, developing skills profiles, training programs and products, etc.