Agile Handling of Change

Every day as a leader, you must face it, adjust to it and quickly determine how to capitalize on opportunities that arise. You must also reflect on your own agile “stance”, and interpersonal skills, and adapt when necessary, as well as determine when and how to step into action (acting instead of reacting).
While focusing on your own real change situations and simulated case studies, you will learn how to get buy-in from your team, and strategically avoid pitfalls, and how to wisely use proven change management techniques aiming at supporting and leading people as they go through change themselves


Learn to advance and move with change to make it a springboard for you and your team.


For leaders and consultants

Learning objectives
  • Understand and demystify change from different angles with self-reflecting activities to better position yourself, adopt the right mindset and act as an efficient change agent.
  • Strengthen your ability to detect and adequately manage stakeholders’ concerns with peer training activities and guided discussions.
  • Experiment with recognized change management practices and models to support individuals and teams, using pertinent case studies drawn from the work reality of participants.

Introduction and context

  • The three axes to develop your agility in change

Prospect of change

  • How I relate to change
  • Putting changes in my reality into perspective

The leader of change

  • The leader’s key, determining role
  • My style of influence in a change situation

Human factors in change

  • Phases of adaptation
  • Resistance
  • Concerns
  • Communication techniques in a change situation

Advancing in change

  • Self-assessment: Am I agile?
  • Necessary change in mentality
  • Building a team project
  • Building by adopting a positive attitude: it’s possible!

Action plan: I trigger the movement

Evaluation of training program


UEC : 0,7
Duration : 1 Day
Regular Rate ( + taxes ) : $495.00
Note :

Breaks and lunch included.

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