Tips to Manage Stress Maintain Balance at Work

What is your ability to work in a fast-paced environment? While for some it may be viewed as a stimulus, for others pressure can become a barrier or inhibitor to performance. During this training, participants will become familiar with concrete tools for being effective in a pressured environment and will learn to deal with stress and the unexpected with calm and self-control.


Acquire concrete tools that make it possible to be effective in an environment under pressure and to cope with stress and the unexpected while remaining calm and objective.

Learning objectives
  • Improve your ability to cope with short- and long-term stress.
  • Identify the key actions that ensure better management of self and your stress during difficult situations or under stress.
  • Adopt effective and proven emotional management practices that will increase your ability to be effective under pressure.
  • Develop your ability to maintain your effectiveness under pressure and in response to unexpected events.

Theoretical presentations (30%); experimenting and hands-on exercises (70%).


Pre-training preparatory exercise

  • Personal assessment: My stressors

Training – 1 Day

  • Icebreaker exercise: Experiment with the power of your emotions and your thoughts about stress.
  • Stress: Factors and consequences
    • Stress: Understanding it, a crucial step
    • Exercise: Sources of stress at work
    • Activity: Looking at my environment
  • Toolbox
    • Emergency techniques
    • Exercise: Short-term strategies
  • Self-management
    • Use the dynamics of needs and emotions as a stress management tool
    • Workshop on emotion management: My emotions under pressure
  • Toolbox
    • Toolbox for long-term self-management
  • Managing my task
    • Practice: Know how to take a step back and be objective under pressure
    • Toolbox to better manage your task
  • Summary of stress management
  • Exercise: Anchoring technique
  • Personal assessment exercise: I will no longer…

Training program evaluation


UEC : 0,7
Duration : 1 Day
Regular Rate ( + taxes ) : $495.00
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Breaks and lunch included.

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