From Colleague to Boss

It’s a done deal: you got the promotion you have been dreaming of. How can you develop a clear vision of the challenges demanded by this kind of transition? How can you quickly and efficiently position yourself without sacrificing the relational side of your duties? This two-day course gives you the keys to a smooth transition.


Transition to a management position with confidence and quickly establish credibility, while minimizing obstacles and stress.



Learning objectives
  • Have a clear vision of the challenges involved in the transition to a management position by adopting appropriate key actions.
  • Quickly define your personal position with respect to your ambitions.
  • Identify the challenges to deal with in the short term and the players concerned (clients, colleagues, partners).
  • Explore relevant strategies with respect to the challenges.
  • Identify and working with the resources available within the organization in order carry out a management mandate.
  • Experience the power of interpersonal dynamics in various situations managers commonly have to face early on in their role.

Theory (25%); workshops (40%); scenarios (35%).


Day I

  • What this transition means for me
  • The challenges of starting a new position
  • A look at the skills and key actions necessary to the transition
    • Self-evaluation
    • What should I learn quickly?
  • Perception of my function: What is a management function?
    • Exercise: Definition of my mandate
    • Presentation: Negotiating my mandate
    • My mandate and the culture of my organization, a few benchmarks
      • Exercise: What to observe, what I understand
      • With my supervisor
      • With my organization
      • With my team
      • With the Management Committee
      • With former colleagues
    • Exercise: My political emotional counters

Day II

  • Winning strategies to quickly put in place when taking on a position
    • Learn to delegate
    • Moving on
    • Know how to generate positive impact
    • The strategy of “small victories”
    • Errors to avoid
    • Know how to consult
    • Know how to organize services
    • Exercise: Prepare meetings with former employees
    • Exercise: Map of my relationships
    • Workshop: Optimize the resources available to me
  • My integration and action plan
  • Training program evaluation

UEC : 1,4
Duration : 2 Days
Regular Rate ( + taxes ) : $990.00
Note :

Breaks and lunch included.

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