Persuasion and influencing communication


Develop the ability to communicate with impact and influence in a professional context in order to mobilize, persuade, inspire, collaborate and achieve goals.


For leaders and consultants

Learning objectives
  • Develop communication techniques and tools to enhance your speech and have an impact.
  • Master influencing communication skills aimed at reaching the audience.
  • Experiment with and learn to use tools to adopt an inspiring leadership approach and get people to work toward a common goal.

Presentations, reflections, discussions (30%); workshops, exercises and practice (70%).


Introduction and context

  • Impact, influence, persuasion, communication
  • Practical observation exercise: To have an impact

Inspiring communication as a leader

  • Context of influence and interlocutors
  • Give it meaning: Understanding what drives us to action
  • The three pillars of the art of convincing
  • Video clip and discussion
  • Interactive presentation and practical exercise
  • The secret ingredient: tips of the pro
  • Experimental exercise in subgroups

Influencing communication: How to persuade

  • Structure of the influencing communication
  • Tips and tricks for influencing communication
  • Experimentation of the persuasive communication method

Dealing with resistance and objections

  • Model of the types of resistance
  • Tips from the pro to deal with it

Practise: My communication situation


  • Learning summary and transfer plan

Training program evaluation


UEC : 0,7
Duration : 1 Day
Regular Rate ( + taxes ) : $495.00
Note :

Breaks and lunch included.

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