Remote work performance (webinar)


Organize your remote work environment in order to remain efficient and fulfill your role and responsibilities in difficult times.

Learning objectives
  • Identify and implement best practices in order to be productive and ensure excellent job performance when you are working remotely.
  • Adapt the way I act and behave when fulfilling my responsibilities.
  • Get the tools you need to stay motivated and manage your stress when you are working remotely.

Real-time virtual classroom in which each participant connects to the class via a web link. Computer, webcam, and headphones with a microphone are required.




Remote work. What changes can I expect?

  • Remote work: what changes and stays the same
  • Discussion: What kind of employee are you? What do you need?
  • Being self-reliant and responsible when working remotely
  • The importance of being proactive: anticipating and having a broader vision of your work

Communication: just because we’re far away doesn’t mean we can’t be close!

  • Remote communication tools: why it is important to understand and use them
  • Staying in touch with your team: the keys to success
  • Office life when you’re working from home: the importance of informal discussions

Turning your home into an office: combining performance, comfort, and security

  • Setting up an office at home
  • Discussion: What are your ideal working conditions?
  • Work-life balance: juggling work and personal life
  • Professional habits: optimal state of mind and time management

Self-management: a remote work challenge

  • How can I manage stress in the current situation?
  • The golden rules of self-motivation

Closing activities

  • My action priorities as an employee: three steps to be taken based on my particular situation

The evaluation is completed online after the training session.


Duration : 1 h 30
Regular Rate ( + taxes ) : $149.00

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Upcoming Dates :
Virtual Class
6 Oct 2021 - 13:00 to 14:30