Managing your team during the COVID-19 period | Moving the office to home (webinar)


Focus on providing close leadership based on the current remote management situation.

Learning objectives
  • Quickly understand the importance of adapting your leadership to the needs of your team and remote work issues caused by the current crisis.
  • Identify and implement various tools that enable you to stay close to your team and ensure sound management.
  • Develop remote work leadership skills to act insightfully.

Leaders and managers


Real-time virtual classroom where each participant connects to the session via a web link. Computer, webcam and headphones with microphone are required for the session.



  • Remote management: your leadership in turbulent times

Four tools to better manage your team remotely:

Tool 1: Use insight when dealing with your team.

  • Managing stress and energy as a team leader
  • Tips and tricks:
    • Manage yourself to act insightfully
    • Manage your energy level

Tool 2: Motivate your team and promote the sense of belonging

  • Remote leader approach: close management
  • Employee needs: the key focus of my approach
  • Remote recognition: adapt your actions to the situation
  • Manager’s tools:
    • Stay close and keep your team united
    • Concrete ideas to be introduced to motivate employees

Tool 3: Optimize communications to create a feeling of closeness

  • How to achieve meaningful communication
  • Remote communication tools: the importance of understanding them and using them well
  • The role of daily communication rituals
  • Facilitate effective virtual meetings

Lever 4: Manage differently and encourage action

  • Performance management reviewed in the current situation
  • Tools to optimize delegation within your team

Action plan

The evaluation is completed online, after the training session


Duration : 2 h
Regular Rate ( + taxes ) : $195.00

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Upcoming Dates :
Virtual Class
15 Sep 2020 - 13:30 to 15:30

Virtual Class
15 Feb 2021 - 13:00 to 15:00