Civility in a workplace is non-negociable

Equip employees to understand their role in managing and maintaining a healthy work environment. The training aims to give them tools to act effectively in conflict situations. We will use the same methods with practical exercises.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the notions of psychological harassment, incivility and obligation of civility.
  • Distinguish the roles and responsibilities of the organization, managers and employees.
  • Understand the importance of maintaining quality interpersonal relationships in a workplace and the primary role of communication.
  • Determine effective ways to intervene with simple and concrete tools while recognizing their discomforts and limitations.

The training combines theoretical notions, practical exercises and group discussions


For everyone


Harassment and civility (differentiate them)

Responsibilities of each party (organization, employees and managers)

Code of civility: A model

Interpersonal relationships

Simple, practical and easily applicable tools

Training evaluation


UEC : 0,25
Duration : 2 h 30