Playing to Your Strengths and Amping up Teamwork (for employees)

In this one-day course, you will learn about your personal strengths as a team member and the relationship style you use with your teammates. You will also learn how to make yourself accountable and pitch in to contribute to efficient teamwork.


To improve your ability to relate to various types of personalities using a proven model and overcome communication blind spots.


For everyone

Learning objectives
  • Become more aware of your behaviour as a team leader.
  • Understand the consequences of your own fundamental motivations.
  • Become aware of individual differences.
  • Adapt your approach to each based on the types of fundamental needs.
  • Take responsibility for the team’s performance to achieve expected results.

Theoretical presentations (40%); scenarios and exercises (60%).

  • Link between fundamental motivations and behaviours
  • Basic premises
  • Personality strengths deployment questionnaire
  • Fundamental motivations and types of actions based on personality type (colour)
  • Relationship styles: primary, borrowed or hidden
  • Conflict vs. opposition (definition and sources)
  • Reactions or personal adjustments in a conflict situation
  • Predictable change sequence in a conflict situation
  • Personal strengths and exaggerated strengths
  • Member of a team… accept and draw on differences
  • Personal improvement plan
  • Training evaluation

UEC : 0,7

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