Effective presentations


To achieve your goals and convey your message with striking presentations.

Learning Objectives
  • Adopt the applicable communication principles during presentations requiring visual support.
  • Organize and structure a presentation in order to have impact.
  • Develop and design presentations that convey your message.
  • Use the appropriate visual tools to support your words and reinforce your ideas with your audience.

Theoretical presentations (30%); scenarios and exercises (70%).



  • Background and icebreaker on striking, successful presentations


  • Attention span
  • The role memory plays on learning and retention: the three memory types model
  • Communication channels used for a presentation

Three key moments of successful presentations

  • Create your story: preparation process
    • Know your audience
    • Define your fundamental message
    • Preparation practice exercise
  • Design an experience
    • Structure your message: concept map
    • Build your visual: the five key principles and basic rules of visual communication
    • “Do’s and Don’ts” workshop
    • Presentation evaluation and adjustment in action
  • Practise and present
    • Before and during: tricks from the pros
    • Presentation workshop and feedback from peers

Personal development plan

Training evaluation


UEC : 0,7
Duration : 1 Day
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Breaks and lunch included.

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